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Some examples of how we can help you personally or your business:


We all know how devastating a Fire or Flood can be in peoples lives. No matter if it is a total loss of your belongings, or just a part of it, we are here to help make it easier to deal with it. We will provide quality service in making proper lists,  (supplying different list of rooms to help you remember what might be lost), doing research on furniture, clothing, art, jewelry etc, to make sure you will get fair market value for it.


Here are some tips to get it started:

´Start with a purge

         You can't create a productive work space without The Purge.

         Depending on the condition of your office, the purge could take anywhere from a few hours to   a whole day.

          The final goal of the purge is to have an office that is completely free of clutter.

´Create a catch-it space

          Every office needs a place to catch incoming junk.

          There are three main types of junk that flow into an office: 1) important documents, 2) stuff you need to keep (jacket,                                    umbrella, travel mug), and 3) trash.

           A catch-it space should be set up in the most obvious area of your office. If you have a door, create your catch-it space             to                   to the  right of the door. If you're in a cubicle, create a catch-it space somewhere near the entrance.

           A catch-it space should have: 1) a credenza or tray for documents; 2) a shelf, hooks, or a box in   which to place                                               important items; and 3) a trashcan.

          Keep your desktop clear of clutter

          The most important physical space in an office is the desktop.

          If your office is still not a functional space give us a call at 250-863-4294. We will be happy to help you.

Before and After you hired the crew from
         ‘ABAKUS Office Services  ‘​

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